The New RomaRo TYPE-R Utility Wood Review

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RomaRo Type R Utility Wood

RomaRo has a lot to offer the better player their head shapes and face depth designs just seem to cater to the faster swingers and better ball strikers.  TYPE-R is based on the concept that even the best golfers can appreciate increased forgiveness and that's why RomaRo has kept the playeresque profiles and square face angles yet incorporated  higher MOI and optimal CG placements for a better launch + more carry and roll.  Let's take a look at their latest offering the TYPE-R utility wood.


Two versions of the new Type R UT exist one polished chrome and satin finished as well as a black IP model (not shown) which I think looks the better of the two.    As you can see from the above picture the face still maintains a good depth.  I'd consider it mid.  This makes it perform in the rough as well as off the Tee making a pretty versatile utility.   The launch is mid/high just what I like in a UT.  Choose the graphite option if your hunting distance and height,  go with the NS hybrid option if you want a lower more controlled result. Click Read More for more pics and early impressions.

RomaRo Utility Woods

If you look at how they made the new Type R woods you will see they spare no expense to create a quality final product.  It's got a Forged Cup Ti face  made of 15-3-3-3 and 17-4 stainless body with a 2 piece structure tungsten weighting system.  All these things are not so common in utility, fairways and even drivers  due to cost.  yes RomaRo went there!  Kudo's to them because their decision has paid off.  When you hear, hit, feel the new Type R woods you get amazing, soft, metallic and crunchy feedback.

RomaRo UT
When looking down at this thing it's pretty hard to resist its great setup.  In my opinion few woods carry this sort of shape where many other brands have utility woods that look alot less balanced or bulgy  in areas.  Thats not the case here.  The steel hosel length also gives you the option to find a skilled club maker to bend it flat or upright for you.  A little bit more on the tech:  The forged ti cup face features what RomaRo calls a Radial Symmetry face which basically means some well placed thickness adjustments behind the face to reduce the loss of energy transfer while increasing the velocity.


Below the hexegon  called the HX weight which by the way is 5 grams and designed to slightly move the CG position of the head the design also features a "harmonized fin system"  it absorbs the shock of impact and increases the stability and rigidity of the head.  This tech is all about sound and feel.


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