Honma Beres Revolution at the 2011 Japan Golf Fair

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Honma Golf had a huge booth at the fair to promote their new and completely revamped 2011 lineup.

The definition of "Revolution" is a sudden change or a fundamental change in the way of thinking. So when the very traditional Honma Golf decided to tack on the word "Revolution" behind their signature Beres line creating the new Beres Revolution lineup, it signaled a change in the way they approached their product organization. With new ownership also came a new website, and new direction hopefully all for the better of Honma Golf, one of Japan's older and globally recognized brands.

In the past, the Beres line was broken up into numbered series. Being the 5 6 7 8 and 9 series. As the number got bigger, the clubs got smaller and more focused on the athlete and low handicapper golfer. Gone are the numbers and in their place comes the Excellent series, the Easy series, the Straight series, and the Control series. Honma took the first letter of each of those words and creates a new lines. E for Excellent and the E-01 woods and IE-01 iron for ladies (I for iron in case you didn't figure that out). E for Easy the E-01 woods and IE-01 iron for average golfer men. S for Straight and the S-01 woods and IS-01 Irons for the better and improving golfer and finally C for Control and the C-01 woods and IC-01 irons for the athlete and low handicapper and faster swinging player. For Honma fans and long time customers the former numbers were pretty easy and this new naming may be confusing at first, especially with two of the lines being both E Series (1 for ladies and 1 for men).   All the new Revolution series use the new ARMRQ6 for six axis carbon weave.

You can see in the picture above the 6 axis features a much tighter weave for more control and what Honma touts as more carry performance. The 6 axis design reduces deformation during the swing thanks to greater resistance and rigidity. Coupled with Honma's high end carbon especially in the 3 4 5 star models, you have a very high performance shaft. Honma's strength in their product has always been their stock shafts. Higher quality than any other stock shaft in the world (and much more expensive), Honma has always understood that it is the shaft that drives the head.

Shafts aside, the new heads still look very much Honma. I was disappointed to not see any forged heads. They now utilize maraging faces hence the "F" after maraging. Maraging steel is actually quite an expensive material, more expensive than titanium and carbon steel and is used more and more in golf clubs nowadays thanks to its strength but still reasonably soft feel.

What I really wanted to see in person was the new Perfect Switch drivers. Globally, Honma released the adjustable PS 460, but in Japan we also got the 440cc  model which more traditionally shaped, has a plain black unmarked crown and a straighter face.  The 440 looks good but the 460 looks ultra forgiving. I also liked the looks of the new U-01 utility as its not nearly as flashy as some of the other models and that is a good thing. Honma also showcased new conforming groove wedges and their new Athport III lineup.

TSG will have all the new Beres Revolution clubs in the pro shop in the coming weeks but feel free to email us as always anytime for as quote.

Click on the album below to see all the pictures we took of Honma at the 2011 Japan golf Fair!

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