Help Spread JDM Clubs – Get a Free Driver!

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Help get access to JDM clubs and demos at your local golf shop and get a FREE Epon, Romaro, Ryoma or Crazy Driver in return! As you all know Tourspecgolf is the leading retailer of Japan Market Golf Clubs outside of Japan. Not only is TSG pround to make Japan Domestic Market golf clubs accessible to golfers around the world, we strive to to spread awareness and accessibility to JDM by introducing and marketing brands that would be otherwise unknown outside of Japan.

As some of you may know we have begun focusing on a distribution network in North America (though we are also looking at possibilities in Europe and Middle East). We have been slowly building a team of premium and quality shops who share similar views and understand the benefits of Japan market golf clubs. TSG is currently an official distributor for the following Brands:

Crazy Shaft

We are looking to grow this network even bigger. We are very well aware that one of our biggest assets is our community of knowledgeable and dedicated golf enthusiasts all around the world. Because of this we would like to work together in offering those in our community some benefits in exchange for helping us expand our distribution program. In other words, help us grow the reach of JDM Golf Clubs and reap some rewards.

Do you want more access to JDM clubs at your local shop? Wish you could step into a high end shop and try JDM demos out? If you know of an established golf shop in your area that you think would benefit from carrying Japanese Market Golf clubs we would love it if you could introduce TSG to that shop and that shop to us.  If the shop works out and does a specified number of sales... you are entitled to a free driver from TSG (more details below).

We do have certain requirements that need to be met in order for a shop to carry the accounts we have:

These requirements are essential and and for many of the brand accounts we carry needed for approval.  The brands we offer are high end premium brands and the shops these brands want to be offered in should also be high end shops and premium service type golf businesses.

- Must be an established store/golf business (a real physical shop, not a garage or hobby room, a real full fledged golf shop/pro shop).

- Must have established brand accounts and steady annual sales (Established brands - We will ask for references - a healthy amount of annual sales)

- Must have a certified and professional clubmaker

- Must have a professional club making area (a clean professional area is a must for performing all types of clubmaking duties)

- Must understand custom fitting and preferably have a custom fitting area

- The shop must be in a geographical area where we are allowed to distribute (North America, Middle East to start - with certain parts of Europe considered)

If you know of a shop or have a personal clubmaker that meets the above requirements, we would love it if you could talk to them about the benefits of carrying premium Japanese brands which can make them stand out from the crowded and competitive oversaturated golf business landscape in the US. Once introductions are formally made between the shop and TSG. We will assess the shop if they meet the requirements for carrying the JDM brands we offer including an official application with images of the shop and an interview on the phone.

If the shop becomes successful in becoming a JDM Retailer under TSG and the shop reaches sales of $10,000.00 we will give the person that helped set us up with that shop a FREE DRIVER FROM EPON (AF102, AF152), ROMARO (460HX, 435LX), CRAZY (435, 435II, 460) OR RYOMA (V-Spec, Premia). That's right a free driver of your choice.

So if you are ready to work towards that free driver we are ready to listen to your suggestions of a shop in your area! Contact us with your shop's info for introduction by emailing sales @  (without the spaces). Together we will grow JDM which is a benefit for everyone!

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stephen Bedford
stephen Bedford

I am a custom club builder. I am Interested in what products you are able to distribute in UK, I would even be interested in helping with European distribution.

Kevin Doyle
Kevin Doyle

This is the most popular golf shop and practice facility in the Harrisburg/Carlisle/York Pennsylvania area. I think it would be a better target to carry your clubs rather than individual golf courses and pro shops.