Democrat vs Republican Head Cover Sales Update!

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From time to time we report on our Democrat & Republican Head Cover Sales. These covers were produced with a very high stitch count, design theory by yours truly and a magnet inclosure instead of velcro. Produced by ComoCome they are of a very high quality.

They have been an absolute hit as far as sales numbers go and while we expected the sales to drop after the election in recent months there has been a huge shift in what cover golfers are buying and choosing to be associated with.

On November 2nd we calculated the amount sold as: GOP = 341 DEM = 122

After the election the amount of DEM covers exploded almost reaching the GOP amount sold and that says a lot when the majority of golfers are conservative white males.

On May 7th we calculated the amount sold as GOP = 402 DEM = 292 

After reviewing the numbers yesterday it appears DEM sales have stalled while GOP sales are again on the RAPID increase. I am starting to think that current events plays a major roll when in comes to which headcovers are selling. Funny part is some customers who have purchased the Democrat covers before may are now buying Republican covers. I wish we made a Sick of the Government Cover!

Final Count as of August 7th: GOP = 626 DEM = 340

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Great blog! Nice design too! Will check back to see what you're covering. Ever need golf fitness content let me know :) Mike